Figuring Out Dogs

Why You Should Opt for Pet-Lock Flea Medicine for Your..

Figuring Out Dogs

Why You Should Opt for Pet-Lock Flea Medicine for Your Dog

If your dog has fleas, there are many flea medicines currently in the market that can help you deal with this problem effectively. Some of these solutions comprise of dyes, shampoos, pills, flea collars and combs and they all vary when it comes to how effective they are in controlling fleas. Research has shown that spot treatment or topical flea medicines like Pet-Lock for dogs function extremely well in not only obliterating fleas from your pet but also preventing flea re-infestation in places you might not have considered like your pet’s beddings, your home, etc.

How Spot Treatments Work

Pet-Lock is typically applied in areas where the dog cannot lick or rub off, for example, the dog’s shoulder blades. It then slowly coats the dog’s skin and seeps to the sebaceous glands, which are little “pockets” beneath the dog’s skin close to the hair follicles. Upon getting into contact with this topical flea medicine, they are killed immediately together with their larva and eggs. Vets have recommended the monthly use of Pet-Lock since they can effectively eliminate the adult, larva, and eggs breaking the reproductive cycle. Considering that a flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, a spot treatment using Pet-Lock will save you a lot with regards to eliminating these fleas from your pet.

Long-Lasting and Fast-Acting

Topical Flea medicines like Pet-Lock work effectively and efficiently and can last for one month. This will make your dog more energetic and playful unlike when they are scratching and biting because of flea infestation. Topical flea medicine like Pet-Lock for dogs can be applied on dog breeds of different sizes as long as the right dosage is administered. What’s more is that the medication is also waterproof meaning that it can’t rub off if you bathe your dog or somehow gets rained on.

Beyond Flea Control

It is advisable to use Pet-Lock since it not only kills fleas but also, repels other problematic insects such as mites, chewing lice, ticks, and mosquitos which are also disease vectors. Pet-Lock is an all-rounded pesticide that can protect your dog from various illnesses and has to be applied just once a month.

Since Pet-Lock can penetrate through the skin of your Dog, it is not necessary to use pills and messy shampoos to deal with your dog’s flea menace. You just have to administer the medicine to your dog and let it do its work. If fleas are a frequent problem during specific times of the year, buying Pet-Lock in bulk is a good alternative. This will prevent you from you from going back to the vet every time your dog is infested with fleas.

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