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How to Prepare for a Unity Sand Ceremony Unity sand..

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How to Prepare for a Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity sand ceremony is very common in wedding ceremonies as a sign of unity among the bride and groom or within the bride’s family and the grooms family as well as a gesture of togetherness of the families. Unity sand ceremonies are convenient for an outdoor wedding ceremony unlike a candle which will brow off soon after lighting and does not have a lot of memories like the unity sand which can be taken at home for lasting memories of the togetherness of the couple or two families. Unlike for candle lighting unity sand is convenient for an outdoor wedding since it is not bothered if the day is too windy or not.

The process of unity sand takes the following process. The master of ceremony or officiate says a few words about the ceremony and the essence of the ceremony then he or she hands the bride and groom a glass of different colored sand, the firsts person who is likely to be the groom pours a little sand at the bottom of an empty jar. If the unity sand ceremony involves other parties such as the parents of the bride and groom they take a turn each one of them with a different color of sand. After each one of them has poured a layer of sand they pour the sand together into the jar to form a mixed layer of colors that represents the unity of the family. Some couples may prefer to reserve their individual sand so as to pour it at the last once the other individuals pour their sand together thus they for the mixed color layer on the top of the jar.

To ensure you have a proper unity sand ceremony there are a number of things you will need to have. You will need the different colors of sand that depends on the number of people that will be involved in the ceremony. The size of vase that you require to pour in the sand will determine the amount of sand you need since too much space should not be left unfilled. Having a pound of sand for each unity sand participants is good enough. Each participant should have a tube to pour in the sand and the tube should have an arrow top to ensure that it pours in cleanly and most importantly during pouring in together. An elegant and wide enough top is critical measure to ensure ease in pouring the sand together to form unity sand. You will also need a small table where the participating people involved can move around it, also there is need to have some cotton wool or cotton balls preferable to fill the empty space that may be unfilled after the unity sand is all poured in to ensure easy transportation of the jar at home and avoid any alteration of the sand layers, finally a tape is vital to seal the top of the jar.

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