If You Read One Article About Plants, Read This One

About the Duration of Weed in the System Weed is..

If You Read One Article About Plants, Read This One

About the Duration of Weed in the System

Weed is a substance that is both used as a recreational drug and also as a medical drug. The treatment of most cancer cases requires the use of chemotherapy and hence the increased administration of marijuana in such patients so as to curb the adverse effects of the treatment. If it happens that you are a marijuana user, you need to know that the presence of the substance in your body products limits your involvement in a majority of the fields.

Drug testing is one of the many tests that a person must go through prior to securing a job in a given company and even before participating in a given sport. During drug testing for marijuana in the system, the biological sample is analyzed to check for the presence of the active metabolites mainly the THC. The storage of marijuana in the adipose tissues is the one thing that promotes its prolonged presence in the body.

A lot of issues are there that usually affect the duration of time that it will take for weed to be cleared. They include the frequency of use, duration of use, the health condition of the user and also the age of the given individual. When it comes to the frequency, the more the number of times in a day that a person uses the substance, the higher the concentration of the substance in the body and this therefore means that t will take a longer duration to clear out. Also, people who have used it continuously for a couple of years usually find it difficult to clear marijuana from their blood and it can take several months or even years for traces of the substance to be cleared.

The level of fitness of an individual is also another important factor in the determination of how long the substance stays in the body. Due to the fact that the metabolites are soluble in fats only, people that have more fat in their bodies usually have a high retention capacity for marijuana. When a person exercises regularly, they get to decrease the fat content in their system meaning that there will be fewer stores for the weed and therefore it becomes easy to clear the drug out of the body.

Important to be aware of is that even if a person stops using marijuana, THC levels in their body will still be increasing for several days. At a time when you are in dire need of the substance to clear from your body, it is important to know that there is no certain way to ensure that the levels will be undetectable. Going for the drug test is the only sure way to ascertain that it has cleared out of your body.

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