Doing Services The Right Way

What are Some of the Things That You Should Do..

Doing Services The Right Way

What are Some of the Things That You Should Do to for Your Air Conditioner to Last Longer.

The compressor and condenser coils should be cleaned regularly. For the cold air to circulate into your house or business effectively the compressor and condenser coils should be functioning properly. You will need to loosen the fan guard to get space to remove the dust and dirt effectively from this coils. You will end up breathing dirty air if you allow the dust to build up and block cold air from moving into the house. You should develop the habit of cleaning this parts regularly if you want fresh air.

Another maintenance practice is checking the coil fins. At some points these fins may get bent and thus may interfere with the continuous and smooth flow of air which may interrupt the cooling process. In this case you can use a fin comb to straighten the blades to allow for the free movement of air. This will prolong its lifespan and also increase its efficiency.

In addition to that, it is also necessary that you make the outdoor unit is levelled with your air conditioner. When installing your air conditioner, it should be resting at certain point where the air can flow effectively without interruptions. It is important that you level the ground below your unit occasionally to make sure that it is at the right point. This can also be done by using the level from the tool box to place it there especially in cases where you are not sure of the right level.

Apart from that you should also clean the filter and replace if necessary. You should clean it to remove the dust and dirt in it and also replace it after a period of 3 months. With this you will be free from breathing dirty air as a result of inefficient air conditioner.

You should also use a mixture of water and bleaching agent to clean the evaporator coil. This part is very prone to dust and dirt. For air conditioner to release cold air it must have passed through the evaporator coil that is responsible for that.

Lastly, you should ensure that the evaporator drain is always clean. You should use a mixture of water and the bleach to clean the evaporator. As a result, you will be able to kill the mold or mildew that may build up in the air condition. When all this are done properly your air conditioner will be always in good condition.

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