Best time to fish on Vancouver Island

The best time to fish on Vancouver Island depends on..

Best time to fish on Vancouver Island

The best time to fish on Vancouver Island depends on the type of fish you want to catch. There is fishing to be had all year round, but first, you need to decide what you want to catch, and where. Do you prefer freshwater fishing in the many rivers in the area, or is ocean saltwater fishing more to your liking?

Fortunately, Vancouver Island offers fishing opportunities the whole year round. In the spring months, you’ll find plenty of steelhead and trout, when rivers begin to rise after being at their low during the winter months. April is prime time for fly fishing, and many trips and charters can be arranged with the many professional guides in the area. Around May, chinook, or king salmon, start to make their appearance.

June to October are great months to fish, with the most activity on and in the water being seen around August. For freshwater fishing, June and July will have plenty of trout for catching. Fly fishermen will have a great time, but conventional anglers will be happy too. Towards the latter part of July, coho salmon will begin to show, providing even more variety for fishermen. Saltwater fishermen won’t feel left out during this period, because different salmon varieties will be in the water, as well as lingcod and halibut.

In the fall, there will still be plenty of fishing to be had, with high concentrations of steelhead and freshwater salmon. This is the time when huge migrations of salmon move into British Columbia’s coastal rivers. You don’t need to travel far to start fishing for salmon during the fall months. An hour or two of travel and you’ll be casting your rod into the water.

The winter months will slow down fishing activity somewhat, by hardy types will still be able to fish for trout and steelhead. In fact, these months may be the best time for fishing for steelhead, as there will be less sport fishermen willing to brave the wintry conditions. Even if a ski trip was your primary reason for going to BC, a side fishing trip is an easy thing to consider.

If you’re an avid fisherman, you can see that planning a trip to Vancouver Island is easy. You don’t need to adjust your plans too much as there is fishing to be had whenever your schedule permits.

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