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  • Excellent Article With Great Ideas About Travel

    Traveling is a great way to expand ones horizons. It introduces one to new cultures and ideas, expands ones understanding of the world, and can be extremely fun to boot. However, proper precautions should be taken when traveling. Prior planning and research are important, to minimize sticky situations and unexpected snafu’s. This article will cover some of the required information you should gather before embarking on your journey.

    When traveling to poor countries or countries with high crime rates, keep all of your valuables out of sight. Don’t wear a camera over your shoulder or even a cheap watch on your wrist if you don’t want to attract the attention of thieves and beggars. Carry a shoulder bag for these types of items instead.

    If you are taking your car to the airport and leaving it there, always make a note of where you parked it. You should write it …

  • Axe Throwing makes an excellent team Building Activity

    Axe throwing as a sport isn’t new, and in fact might be one of the oldest in existence and axe throwing’s recent rise the popularity. Like many trendy activities, axe throwing is often easy to dismiss as a passing fad, but we believes in its long-long lasting appeal and benefits. In our experience, one of the foremost significant benefits that axe throwing offers is great team building.
    To convince you, during this article, there are number of the explanations why axe throwing makes an excellent team building activity.
    One reason why axe throwing makes a perfect team building activity is that it’s so different from anything in your everyday routine. Putting your team members during a unique situation may be a good way to shake up their thinking, as they need to make new approaches to new problems. The change from the everyday also allows different aspects of your teammates’ personalities to shine through, allowing you to urge to understand one another better.
    Another reason why we at Patriot Axe Throwing believe the facility of axe throwing to create teamwork is …