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The Relationship Between Alcohol And Cancer. Cancer is among diseases..

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The Relationship Between Alcohol And Cancer.

Cancer is among diseases that people are scared of, and it is unfortunate that alcohol consumption is a predisposing factor to this scary disease. Alcohol increases the risk of some forms of cancer such as colon, breast cancer, and rectal cancer just to mention a few.

Since there is no way to cure cancer alcohol reduction is necessary for anyone who wants to be free from this disease. Repeated drinking abuse can cause organs of the body such as the liver to malfunction. Alcohol affects the respiratory tract anterior regions by damaging the cells and so initiating cancer. After a long period of drinking, liver inflammation occurs, and this mostly leads to liver cancer.
Women, alcoholics are more prone to getting breast tumors due to the high alcohol levels. The risk is further increased when there is a history of breast cancer in the family. In most cases, alcohol drinkers are also smokers and, so lung cancer is high. Cancers of the esophagus, mouth, and larynx can also be as a result of alcohol intake. So many types of cancers do exist, but little information is available as to how they are caused by alcohol.

Alcohol also contains carcinogens in a similar manner as cigarettes. Naturally, alcohol is usually harmful to the body as damages the cells. The damage caused to the cells can lead to changes in the cell functions which will activate uncontrolled cell division.

Our bodies are usually designed in such a way that they can heal themselves. The purpose of the immune system is to ensure we are disease free. If we do not give our immune system what it needs the result is that we will have weak body defense. Decreasing the immune system is one of how alcohol intake harms our bodies. Continuous alcohol consumption translates to continuous weakening of the immunity.

Our cells are always dividing, and there are many ways the cell can become malignant. Normally the body is always keen on these unnatural cells and eliminates them from the body. Alcoholism decreases defense system of the body and thus decreased keenness of the body to these unusual cells, and the outcome is uncontrolled cell division commonly referred as cancer.

No cancer cure that is known and therefore, it is good to protect yourself by quitting alcohol or taking in a controlled manner. Alcoholism is also like an illness but the good thing about it compared to cancer is that it is reversible. If you want to prevent cancer as a result of alcoholism visit a health center or rehab to be helped on quitting.

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